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47 Mind Hacks for Writers

Writer's Block got you stuck? Think you're not "Good Enough" to be a writer? It's time to say goodbye to those limits! 47 Mind Hacks for Writers is like life hacking for your mindset.

The #1 book on Amazon for "Writer's Block"

With over 3,000 copies sold in the last few months and rave reviews. Join the thousands of others who have overcome their blocks and got back to writing.

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Book Marketing & Author Branding At Its Best

I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown... and not just because I've enjoyed some of his books.

He is, without a doubt, the author with the best branding I've ever seen, as well as being the most innovative at book marketing.

His next book is on its way and like us, he's polling his audience to help him pick his next cover.

Check out how he's doing it, but reading on...

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Websites For The Completely Non-Techy

Websites for the Completely Non-Techie

I've had a number of authors recently point out how "non-techie" they are and how they wish someone would explain things in a way they could understand.

By the end of this article you'll never confuse a theme and a plugin again, you'll never have to wonder whether your content should go on a page or a post, and you'll know what your techie friends are talking about when they mention SEO backlinks.

So if all that sounded like greek to you, read on.

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The Book Marketing Summit

26+ Leading experts take you through the A-Z of book marketing. They covered everything you need to know to market, promote and sell your books in a 7 day online conference.
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You are the "real deal", Karen. Your introduction video to the summit was full of valuable information and your guest speaker provided useful information too rather than just being hype for the summit. BRAVA Karen Dimmick! BRAVO Book Marketing Summit! Continue to be impressed with EVERYTHING you’re providing. WOW!

- Cynthia Leeds Friedlander

I have bought your Summit and I must congratulate you on a great job. It seems to me that this is all I will ever need to know about marketing! Thank you!

- Else Byskov

This summit is a must for any author who wants to successfully market their book(s)! The variety and amount of informative information is worth more than its weight in gold. The speakers offer a wealth of information and I would advise upgrading to The Author's Accelerator Pack, which can be referred to as long as you'd like.

- Lori Armstrong

About Us

Karen Dimmick

The Short Version: Karen is the author of the international bestselling book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers, the founder of Bookthority and the host of The Book Marketing Summit. She is an avid reader, world-traveler, eternal student and passionate observer of behavior. She loves writing, the beach and is ever hopeful magic really does exist.

She has studied Neuro-Linguistics, neurology, behavior and mindset since 2000 and has 4 degrees (so far). Her entrepreneurial journey started in 1995 in London UK where she helped companies like Walt Disney, Shell and other fortune 500 companies from her consultancy.

For the past 8 years she has helped over 4,000 authors and entrepreneurs with their mindset, book marketing and reader engagement. Her clients range from first time authors to an established, 5 times, New York Times bestselling author. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners a message, successfully write, publish and market a book that grows their business.

Steve Dimmick

The Short Version: Steve loves helping people reach their full potential as a writer, business owner and doing what they love. He is a coach, techie geek, motivator, world-traveller, fun-loving husband and author. He loves traveling, exploring different cultures and meeting new people.

He is a certified coach, has a degree in Computer Science, and over 11,000 hours helping authors with membership sites and back end business solutions. His entrepreneurial journey started in 1999 in London UK where he helped companies like eTrade, Standard and Poor's and other fortune 500 companies before joining Karen in their consultancy business.

Over the past 9 years Steve has worked with some amazing clients, including: a Catholic theologian, a former winner of The Biggest Loser, many "A-list" internet marketers and companies of all sizes from solo-entrepreneurs to corporations. His 3 most recent author-clients are already earning an average of $500,000 a year each from the systems he created for them.