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Our done-for-you process consists of 9 steps; from the initial consultation through to the publishing and marketing of your book.

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Our done-with-you process consists of 4 phases; from the positioning through to the publishing and marketing of your book.

Books for Leaders and Executives

The Authority Triangle

There are 3 core components to creating a book for a leaders and executives that differ from books by people at any other position on the corporate ladder.
The Authority Triangle

What becoming a bestselling author can do for your business

Expanded Reach

Expanded Reach

Let the world know you exist and get your message into as many new hands as possible and use your book to grow your leads list.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Turn highly targeted leads into your ideal customers by using your book as the top of a funnel, geared to drive traffic to your business.

Authority Building

Authority Building

Become a bestselling author and get recognised as the go-to expert in your field, making it easier to get media opportunities.

47 Mind Hacks for Writers

47 Mind Hacks For Writers

The Essential Mindset Guide to Help You Write Your Bbook

Put an end to writer’s block forever Stop your inner critic sabotaging your success Uncover the real reason you’re procrastining Shut down the overly-critical self-talk that holds you back Stop feeling like you’re not good enough

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