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Why We Do What We Do

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Our Team

Karen Dimmick

Karen Dimmick


Knowing how the mind works will improve your bottom line. This is what Karen has been studying for the past decade. With a basis in neural engagement, Karen has crafted her own, unique branding system that other marketing agencies have begged her to sell to them.
Steve Dimmick

Steve Dimmick

Head of Technology

Steve has a unique set of experience covering technology, business strategy and marketing. He is a master at designing book funnels that build businesses. He speaks “geek” with developers, discusses business with executives and talks campaign strategy with marketing directors.
Andrea Outon

Andrea Outón

Design Wizard

A true wizard in her own right, Andrea is a highly gifted artist and designer. Her passions lie in the creative realm with a wealth of experience as a bi-lingual illustrator. She is our secret weapon and your app will be absolutely stunning once she is finished with it.