31 Book Marketing Tips From 31 Experts

31 Book Marketing Tips from 31 Experts

To be a full-time author you have to be able to market your books as well as write them. This article gives you 31 book marketing tips from 31 experts to help you market your book and get those sales!

The top tips are from each of the 31 speakers on The Book Marketing Summit. If you want the full A-Z of book marketing with 31 in-depth masterclasses, grab your free ticket before the end of the summit...


  1. Steve Scott - BookBub Ads
  2. Kevin Tumlinson - Going Wide
  3. Jim Kukral - Book Reviews
  4. Christina Daves - Getting Publicity
  5. Derek Murphy - Book Covers
  6. Kelsey Humphreys - Book Endorsements
  7. Mark Dawson - Facebook Ads
  8. Tammi Metzler - Email Marketing
  9. Kevin Kruse - Super Fans
  10. Nicole Holland - Podcast Guesting
  11. Krystal Wascher - Audiobooks
  12. Linda Stirling - Relaunching
  13. Tom Morkes - Launching
  14. Cloris Kylie - Guest Posting
  15. Paul Brodie - Permafree Books
  16. Dave Chesson - Organic Traffic
  17. David Ralph- Platform Building
  18. Bryan Cohen- Book Descriptions
  19. Joanna Penn - Box Sets
  20. Honorée Corder - Book Series
  21. Jackie Lapin - Speaking
  22. Ken Herron - Social Media
  23. Laura Fabiani - Virtual Book Tours
  24. Steve Dimmick - Mobile Apps
  25. Paula Wynne - Joint Mailings
  26. Nick Loper - List Building
  27. Ashley Durrer - Giveaways
  28. David Hancock - Publishers
  29. Martin Wales- Offline Sales
  30. Bruce Brodeen - Pre-Orders
  31. Karen Dimmick - Promo Stacking

Steve Scott - BookBub Ads

Steve Scott
Regular BookBub ads are hard to get, but they've started a new impression ad network, which is pretty awesome for promoting discounted books. Start your ad campaign by targeting authors you know convert well for your books, then split-test to see which image and copy gets the highest click through rates (CTR). It's around $5-$7 for 1,000 impressions, so you need to start small and know your readers.

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Kevin Tumlinson - Going Wide

Kevin Tumlinson
KDP Select is a great short term strategy to get you going and immediately get you starting to earn money. When it comes to the long term though, look into getting your book listed on multiple outlets. There are different readers on these different marketplaces so you're not cannibalizing your Amazon sales, you're gaining new readers.

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Jim Kukral - Book Reviews

Jim Kukral
Book reviews are your social proof that your book is worth buying. The more you have, the more proof you have that other people thought it was worth buying. Trouble is 90% of your readers won't leave a review... So you need to actively go out and ask for them. Use your launch team to get started on the right foot with 15-20 reviews on the day you launch your book.

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Christina Daves - Getting Publicity

Christina Daves
If you want the media to write about you and your book, you have to become newsworthy. Start with your local media and work out what appeals to that audience, then sit down and work out how to tie your message into those local current events.

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Derek Murphy - Book Covers

Derek Murphy
Your book cover is responsible for getting people to your book page so they can buy your book. 75% of people never get past your cover! So make sure your cover is enticing to your ideal reader and helps them take that leap of clicking through to your book sales page.

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Kelsey Humphreys - Book Endorsements

Kelsey Humphreys
Having someone who is very well known in your niche or genre give you an endorsement for your book can make a huge difference when it comes to convincing your potential reader that your book is worth reading. Make a list of 100 potential people and pitch them all to get an endorsement.

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Mark Dawson - Facebook Ads

Mark Dawson
You can use Facebook ads to either get book sales or to grow your list. The power of Facebook ads is in your audience targeting. A great way to use them is to target the people on your list to catch those who haven't opened your email about your new book.

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Tammi Metzler - Email Marketing

Tammi Metzler
Use email marketing to get your readers engaged and turn them into lifelong fans. You want to send 3 different types of emails to your list. First, your pre-written welcome emails to start building a relationship, second, your general content emails and third, your promotional emails telling people about your books.

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Kevin Kruse - Super Fans

Kevin Kruse
Create a sub-list of super fans by engaging with your readers one on one. You'll end up surprising them when you personally respond to their emails. These super fans are then the ones who you can ask to be on your next launch team and you'll end up with better results.

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Nicole Holland - Podcast Guesting

Nicole Holland
Being a guest on someone else's podcast positions you as an expert, while giving you the SEO advantage of a permanent backlink to your website and a lifetime way for new members of their growing audience to find you and your books.

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Krystal Wascher - Audiobooks

Krystal Wascher
Audible isn't yet over populated, so you have a huge chance to really stand out from the crowd by doing an audiobook in your niche or genre. Plus, you also then have another asset in your author business which will bring in income.

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Linda Stirling - Relaunching

Linda Stirling
If your book hasn't done well from the start, then relaunch it. You can even do a relaunch once a year with a full launch team just to bring your book back to the forefront of people's awareness in your niche or genre.

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Tom Morkes - Launching

Tom Morkes
The single most important thing for a successful launch is to find and connect with your audience. You can do this either with your own list, you can leverage other people's lists or better still do both! The thing to remember though it to grow that influencer relationship a long time before you need it by helping them out.

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Cloris Kylie - Guest Posting

Cloris Kylie
Guest posting is where you post content on other people's sites. This significantly increases your reach as an author, provided you post on sites that are relevant to your readers that have huge amounts of traffic and you post epic content.

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Paul Brodie - Permafree Books

Paul Brodie
Permafree books are a great way to grow your platform. For the first book in your series, set it to be free on every marketplace out there. This works for both a fiction and nonfiction series, then get rid of the freebie seekers from your list by immediately offering them a second book for 99 cents.

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Dave Chesson - Organic Traffic

Dave Chesson
Get organic Amazon traffic to your book by working out what keywords your ideal readers are searching for in Amazon, then getting your book to rank highly for those keywords. The key is to be #1 for your main keyword because 27% of the traffic goes to that #1 placed book.

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David Ralph- Platform Building

David Ralph
Build your author platform by having your own podcast. It positions you as an expert in your field, gives you an unlimited number of SEO rich backlinks to boost your website in Google and allows all your guests' audiences to find you and your books.

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Bryan Cohen- Book Descriptions

Bryan Cohen
A well written book description is the thing that will make or break your sales. 80% of readers however will stop reading after your first line, so you want to make that first line your irresistible hook and grab as many visitors to your book's sales page as possible.

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Joanna Penn - Box Sets

Joanna Penn
Having box sets of your books is what allows an author to really become full-time. If you don't do box sets, you're missing out on the vast majority of your income. Box sets also have a completely different audience to your single books, so you don't cannibalize your book sales, instead you gain a new set of readers.

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Honorée Corder - Book Series

Honorée Corder
As an author you always want to have somewhere your readers can go. Having a series allows you to give them that obvious flow into your next book. You can also do a multi-author series and expose your books to all the other authors' platforms and significantly grow your readership base.

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Jackie Lapin - Speaking

Jackie Lapin
Being a speaker is one of the most effective ways to sell books. When you're first starting out, start small and local so you can hone your skills, improve your one-sheet and create your video reel. This way when you're ready to go to bigger gigs you have the skills and experience to back it up.

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Ken Herron - Social Media

Ken Herron
Social media allows you to connect with people one on one in a way that thousands of others can be part of and Google will then index for life. If you want to grow your social media following ask yourself, "Would you follow you?" If not, it's time to get your profile and timeline into shape by producing regular, interesting content your ideal readers want.

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Laura Fabiani - Virtual Book Tours

Laura Fabiani
A virtual book tour helps you get your books into the hands of your ideal readers, while increasing your number of reviews and building your platform. A lot of research goes into finding the right book bloggers to use for a tour, so it's advisable to use a reputable tour company to run your tour, however, make sure they have done tours in your niche or genre.

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Steve Dimmick - Mobile Apps

Steve Dimmick
Having an author mobile app can help you build your list, engage your fans, run your launch teams with solely your biggest fans and essentially have your entire author platform in your reader's back pocket. Mobile apps are at the point now that websites were at 10 years ago, yet 80% of people access the internet on a mobile device.

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Paula Wynne - Joint Mailings

Paula Wynne
Cross promotional mailings and newsletter swaps are one of the fastest ways to grow your list. You can do them solely within your genre, or you can do multi-genre ones. If you do a multi-genre one make sure you clean out the new subscribers that don't like your genre by offering them a second book immediately afterwards.

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Nick Loper - List Building

Nick Loper
You need to start building your list as soon as possible because a list can completely change your results when you're marketing a new book. To help you build your list offer potential subscribers something of value that they want in exchange for their email address.

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Ashley Durrer - Giveaways

Ashley Durrer
Doing a giveaway with all or part of your book allows you to build your subscriber base and create long lasting relationships with your readers. People love getting a freebie and they feel special when you give them your book for free. If you get their email address in exchange for this you can build that relationship on an ongoing basis.

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David Hancock - Publishers

David Hancock
No publisher does enough in the way of marketing. Most usually do very little indeed, so it's down to the author to learn about marketing their book. You want to make sure you book is discoverable on Amazon, then you want to consistently do something to build your platform week after week, from blogging to podcasting to social media. The key is consistency.

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Martin Wales- Offline Sales

Martin Wales
Would you rather sell 1,000 copies one by one, or 1,000 copies to a single person in one go? Think outside the box about where you can sell your book offline in bulk to help someone else's business get leads or income they wouldn't otherwise have got.

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Bruce Brodeen - Pre-Orders

Bruce Brodeen
If you have a list, you need to be releasing every book on pre-order. You can have a variety of tiered packages available and give away multiple bonuses to bring the value of each package up. However, this way you can charge a lot more for each book than you'd make selling it on a marketplace like Amazon.

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Karen Dimmick - Promo Stacking

Karen Dimmick
Schedule the book promos you do so you have them continuously running for the first week of your launch. This helps generate the word of mouth buzz around your book so when you stop doing promos your book is still top of mind for your ideal readers.

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The Book Marketing Summit is starting on the 30th January, 2017, and each of the experts who've included a tip in this post will be doing a full masterclass on their topic. There's no fluff, tons of action steps and full details. The best part? You can attend for free. Go to TheBookMarketingSummit.com to grab your ticket now and learn the A-Z of book marketing.

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