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I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown... and not just because I've enjoyed some of his books.

He is, without a doubt, the author with the best branding I've ever seen, as well as being the most innovative at book marketing.

His next book is on its way and like us, he's polling his audience to help him pick his next cover.

He goes way beyond what we do though and he uses it to strengthen his brand as well as creating buzz for his new book. Check it out here:

You actually get a personalized video with your name in twice, while he does a book signing, just for you.

Seeking the Truth

Seeking The TruthDan Brown's brand is based around a brand personality called the Seeker. It's all about seeking out the truth and uncovering secrets, however well hidden.

You see it in his books, like the DaVinci code, however this isn't just about the type of stories he writes.

He's consistent.

This is what sets him apart and gives him such a strong brand.

If you look at his website, it's built with secret content hidden around the place. Some pieces are barely hidden, just a mouse hover away, while others are behind riddles, which are hard to find to start with.

His latest marketing piece is no different...

It's based in what looks like a old castle, the music fits that secretive theme, curtains are drawn back to reveal the next stage in the journey and then you get to go behind a hidden door in a book case (with the DaVinci code on it of course).

Personalized VideoHere's my personalized video.

Finally you end up in a hidden room, with a surprise waiting for you... You'll have to watch the video to find out what it is 😉

So clever!

The Key

The question is, how can we be inspired by this to take our own brand and marketing one step further?

I'd love to hear about other innovative book marketing you've found. Comment below and inspire us all...

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Karen Dimmick (aka "your kick-butt writing BFF") is the founder of Bookthority, the host of The Book Marketing Summit, and the co-author of the international bestselling book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers. She has helped over 4,000 authors in the past 8 years, with their mindset, book marketing and reader engagement. Her mission is to help nonfiction authors and entrepreneurs, successfully write, publish and market their books and build a profitable business off the back end of them.

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