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Karen Dimmick (aka "your kick-butt writing BFF") is the founder of Bookthority, the host of The Book Marketing Summit, and the co-author of the international bestselling book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers. She has helped over 4,000 authors in the past 8 years, with their mindset, book marketing and reader engagement. Her mission is to help nonfiction authors and entrepreneurs, successfully write, publish and market their books and build a profitable business off the back end of them.
13 May, 17

Book Marketing & Author Branding At Its Best

2017-05-24T17:30:27+00:00 By |Book Marketing, Finding Your Voice|0 Comments

I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown... and not just because I've enjoyed some of his books.

He is, without a doubt, the author with the best branding I've ever seen, as well as being the most innovative at book marketing.

His next book is on its way and like us, he's polling his audience to help him pick his next cover.

Check out how he's doing it, but reading on...

24 Apr, 17

Websites for the Completely Non-Techie

2017-05-21T13:53:03+00:00 By |Author Websites|6 Comments

I've had a number of authors recently point out how "non-techie" they are and how they wish someone would explain things in a way they could understand.

By the end of this article you'll never confuse a theme and a plugin again, you'll never have to wonder whether your content should go on a page or a post, and you'll know what your techie friends are talking about when they mention SEO backlinks.

So if all that sounded like greek to you, read on.

21 Feb, 17

9 Things Authors Need On Their Landing Pages

2017-05-21T13:26:08+00:00 By |Author Websites|10 Comments

As an author, getting your website visitor to take the action you want when they arrive on your website is vital to building your platform. This post covers the 9 different things you need on your landing pages to get them to work.

In case you're thinking, "Great! ... But what's a landing page?" A landing page is simply a page that you aim to get visitors to "land on" when they first come to your website, followed by an action you want them to take. Rather than something like a blog post or your about page, a landing page is designed around getting your visitor to take a specific action, like signing up to your mailing list or buying your book.

11 Nov, 16

Epic Guide to Book Launch Teams

2017-05-21T13:33:56+00:00 By |Book Marketing|10 Comments

We all know that if you’re launching a book, you’ll want to put together a launch team to help you out. As Nick Loper said in his article with the details of his latest book launch, he “searched high and low for a detailed launch team ‘how to’ or case study, but didn’t really find one”, so that’s why I’ve created this epic guide.

11 Oct, 16

How To Write Like A Pro

2017-05-01T17:57:21+00:00 By |Becoming An Author, Mindset|16 Comments

To be able to call yourself a writer there’s only one thing you need to do. Write. Sounds easy right?

To be a pro writer though, you need to write every day. Whether or not you're inspired. Irrespective of whether you "feel like it". Every single day. No exceptions.

Suddenly it doesn't sound quite so easy...

This article covers everything you need to do to turn yourself from a writer (or even a wanna-be-writer) into a pro writer.