13 May, 17

Book Marketing & Author Branding At Its Best

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I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown... and not just because I've enjoyed some of his books.

He is, without a doubt, the author with the best branding I've ever seen, as well as being the most innovative at book marketing.

His next book is on its way and like us, he's polling his audience to help him pick his next cover.

Check out how he's doing it, but reading on...

11 Nov, 16

Epic Guide to Book Launch Teams

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We all know that if you’re launching a book, you’ll want to put together a launch team to help you out. As Nick Loper said in his article with the details of his latest book launch, he “searched high and low for a detailed launch team ‘how to’ or case study, but didn’t really find one”, so that’s why I’ve created this epic guide.