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Websites For The Completely Non-Techy

Websites for the Completely Non-Techie

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I've had a number of authors recently point out how "non-techie" they are and how they wish someone would explain things in a way they could understand.

By the end of this article you'll never confuse a theme and a plugin again, you'll never have to wonder whether your content should go on a page or a post, and you'll know what your techie friends are talking about when they mention SEO backlinks.

So if all that sounded like greek to you, read on.

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Elvis and the art of reader engagement

Elvis and the Art of Reader Engagement

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There's a fine line between leaving your reader wanting more and giving your reader a satisfying multi-sensory experience.

I don't know if you're like me, but one of my favorite things to do once I've finished watching a DVD movie is to view the 'extras'... those deleted scenes, or the behind the scenes, or the bloopers. Somehow it makes the story and the actors more real and come to life for me.

Why don't books provide that extra experience? Read on and find out what Elvis has got to do with this?

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