Increase your authority, grow your influence, become a recognized author.

At Bookthority, our clients become a respected author of a nonfiction book that expands their reach, conveys their personal brand and builds their authority. We work with:

  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Topic Experts
  • Entrepreneurs

Clarity / Brand / Message

Our unique positioning process helps bring clarity to every project we deliver. 

We incorporate your personal brand and your story thus far, your company's brand and messaging and finally, your personal cause that is most important to you.

These three dimensions (The Authority Triangle) help us guide your book to a winning combination with an impactful message.

Impact & Influence

We are experts at getting your book noticed. From becoming an Amazon Bestseller, to being available at the airport bookstore or on the shelf at your local Barnes & Noble, we have options available to help your book make an impact.

We will even work with you to get your book on the New York Times bestseller list.

Your potential influence is only limited by one thing, book sales, and we can help sell in every format.

Respect & Authority

The books we produce for our clients make an impact in their market. Our clients gain new respect with a professionally written book that positions them as an expert and thought leader amongst their peers.

You can leverage a well positioned book to get your message out to your market. It will increase your influence and establish you as an authority. Your book delivers an experience that takes your readers on a journey.

We can help you create that journey for your market.

It's Time to Leverage Your Experience

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